WATCH: This Man Got Upgraded To A $21,000 Seat In First Class On A Flight & Filmed It To Make Us Jeally

Casey Neistat/YouTube

I love everything about traveling…except actually traveling. Crowded airports, cramped seats, having your bag torn apart by the luggage claim and getting a “sorry about it” from the workers – it blows, to say the least. But we do it because hopefully the time between your flight out and your flight home is worth it.

I’ve maxed out at a 10-hour flight, but vlogger Casey Neistat was ready to endure a 14-hour journey from Dubai to New York on Emirates. Things took a turn for the best when he was unexpectedly upgraded to first class – a seat worth $21,000.

My first thought, of course, is how can a plane ticket cost that much. Well, Casey showed me.

Not only did he have an in-flight movie and some leg room, but the dude practically had a room as big as the one in my NYC apartment (so…not big, but still), complete with total privacy, automatic window shades, and even a SHOWER.

Casey did the only logical thing and filmed “one of the best days” of his life to make the rest of us peasants jealous.

Check out his video below, and be prepared to weep as you think of the miserable trip in coach you’re bound to endure the rest of your life.

He claims the airline didn’t pay him or anything, but he’s certainly giving them amazing advertising.

Meanwhile, my last flight included a group of three girls yacking for 8 hours as if they were at a sleepover while someone’s parents were out of town. Although I did watch Room and highly recommend if you haven’t seen it yet.

Since being posted on Monday, Casey’s video has been viewed over 4 million times by surely jealous travelers.

The lesson? Be super, super nice to the counter people at airports.

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