Two Alabama Schools Were Put on Lockdown After a Creepy Clown Started Threatening Students on Facebook

Two Alabama schools were put on lockdown Monday after a creepy AF clown named Flomo Klown started terrorizing students on Facebook with violent threats. The Facebook page has since been deleted, but featured the below creepy AF image as its profile photo.

Flomo Klown Messages
Yup, that’s gonna cause some serious nightmares. Students from across the state received cryptic Facebook messages from the social media group, with one student receiving a DM saying “we want to play” followed by numerous gun symbols. Another message posted to the page’s wall stated “It’s going down tonight” with similar emojis.

Flomo Klown Chat

Flomo Klown Facebook
A high school student reported the page to police after several posts warned that clowns might show up at the two Birmingham schools. However, school officials assert that there was no actual threat to students. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Detective Sergeant Michael Mangina dispatched extra officers to patrol both campus locations as a precaution.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s office, a 22-year-old woman and two minors were arrested in connection with the weird messages, but police say they will continue to monitor the situation just in case.

“Part of the problem is the fact this stuff gets on social media and it explodes and it alarms people and it just spreads,” one officer stated. “In today’s climate, we’re better safe than sorry.”

Considering the fact that clowns are 100% terrifying, I’d say this is more than enough reason to move. Who’s with me?

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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