This Terminally Ill Dog Lived Just Long Enough to Watch His Owners Get Married

If you haven’t had a good cry today, get ready to break out the tissues. As we all know, weddings are full of criers — I can’t get through a vow ceremony without turning into an overly romantic pile of mush — but when there’s a terminally ill dog added to the equation, things get even worse.

Meet Charlie, an adorable black Labrador who was found abandoned 15 years ago in a shopping cart by veterinarian Kelly O’Connell. Earlier this month, O’Connell married fellow vet James Garvin in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in Buena Vista, Colorado. Charlie, along with the couple’s other pup, was also in attendance and part of the ceremony.

But what made this ceremony even more miraculous and important was the fact that Charlie, who had an aggressive brain tumor, was able to make it to the wedding.

“Charlie is one of five dogs owned by the beautiful couple whose wedding I shot last week,” wrote photographer Jennifer Dziuvenis of JenDz Photography. “He was his mom’s buddy well before she met her future husband and before she went off to Europe for vet school. Charlie has a brain tumor and is on his last few days of life. He walked around a bunch with one of the kids before the wedding and used up all his energy. He didn’t have any trouble walking down the aisle but when it was time to walk back up it he just couldn’t do it. That was when the bride’s sister said “I am NOT leaving you behind!”, scooped him up, and carried him. He’s 80 lbs. She’s 5’2″. It was one of the most powerful showings of love for family (both her sister and the Charlie dog!) I have seen. Tears. SO MANY tears.”

SO MANY tears might be an understatement.

When Charlie was brought back down the aisle, O’Connell was overjoyed. “I just kept saying, ‘you made it buddy, you made it,” she explained. “He just had a giant grin on his face.

The below photos show O’Connell’s sister and maid of honor carrying Charlie back down the aisle. Tears. So many damn tears.

O’Connell was reunited with her beloved pup once the ceremony was over for one of the last times. “The whole family (and the photographer …) cried their eyes out,” Dziuvenis stated. “The amount of love these people have for their animals is enough to restore anyone’s faith in humanity. These are good people Charlie is one lucky boy.”

Even Charlie looked to have shed a few tears.

I CAN’T. Sadly Charlie has since passed away, but his memory (and these gorgeous photos) will live in. RIP Charlie, we’ll be sobbing all day.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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