Former Miss COED Contestant Reveals She Was Kidnapped By Her Father As A Child In Horrifying YouTube Video

Former Miss COED 2016 contestant, Natalia Taylor revealed a shocking story about being kidnapped as a child that is now going viral.

We met the model and YouTube star last year when she submitted to an annual competition run by our sister site, At the time, she was repping the University of Cincinnati in Miss COED 2016, with the hopes of being crowed the most awesome, school-spirited college girl in the country. Little did we know, however, of her horrifying past.

In the 40 minute YouTube video, Natalia reveals to her followers that she grew up in Ohio with a father who was diagnosed with paranoia and schizophrenia and who was physically abusive her mother. Eventually, Natalia and her mother were able to escape, but not keep him away forever.

“I would tell my mom: ‘I do not want to see him, he’s terrifying,”‘ Natalia recalls.

On June 24, 2004, her father (who Natalia refers to as Rod) took her away from her aunt and uncle who were babysitting at the time. The 6’7 man put his seven year old in the back of his red pick-up truck and drove for “what seemed like forever.”

They arrived at a church where Natalia remembers Rod talking about his delusional beliefs – he thought he was Jesus Christ and made claims that he wanted to take his daughter to heaven with him.

“He truly believed he was Jesus Christ and it’s a really terrifying thing to think that someone really thinks that they’re invincible,” she says. “Like he had power over everyone in the world.”

Despite these deadly plans and a short stint in jail, Natalia says he is now homeless and living in Florida. To date, the video has more than 1.3 million views with thousands of comments from fans asking her to take the video down for her own safety. So far, the video remains.


Head to The Daily Mail to read the full story.

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