Protests Take Over Charlotte’s University City After Man was Killed in Police Shooting

Protests in Charlotte’s University City broke out last night after 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot by police officer Bently Vinson earlier Tuesday. The shooting happened just before 4:00 P.M., and protesters came out in swarms, blocking parts of Interstate 85.

According to Time Warner Cable News, officers were looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant before the shooting happened. Officers say they saw a man get out of the car with some kind of gun, but Scott’s family says differently. According to Scott’s brother, he was waiting in the car for his son to get home from school when police opened fire.

“The police came out with no badge, nothing,” he told TWCNews. “I guess he was one of them jump out boys, undercover and he yelled ‘gun’ and shot him four times. There was no gun, it was a book in the car.” Scott was taken to a nearby hospital but later died. Chief Kerr Putney later announced that Scott was not the suspect they were initially searching for.

Students from UNCC heard about the shooting on social media and many came to the scene soon after.

“How are we supposed to react when we see this all the time?” asked DeAndre Willaims, the NAACP President at UNCC. “We just seen a similar situation happen yesterday, a couple of months of ago. We’ve seen it millions of times and how are we supposed to react.”

Dozens gathered at the family’s apartment complex to mourn the loss of Keith Lamont Scott, while others made their anger known. According to reports, a police car was vandalized late last night, with videos showing protesters throwing rocks at it. They also threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones at vehicles on I-85, Charlotte Observer reports, while a nearby Walmart was allegedly looted.

CMPD says 12 officers were hurt during the protest, with one officer being hit in the face with a rock. A total of eight people were brought to a nearby hospital; seven of them were officers while one was a civilian.

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