Get Fit Without Leaving Your Dorm

The Freshman 15 is totally avoidable, and you don’t even have to give up late night pizza or happy hour margaritas. If you’re not feeling the campus gym or would rather work out in the comfort of your room (maybe with Netflix going in the background), there are tons of easy things you can do to burn some calories during the downtime between classes. Here are three super easy exercises you can do literally anywhere, no fancy equipment required.

Exercise # 1: Put your desk to use.

This is perfect for anyone whose push-up skills are lacking, and it’s a great way to tone up your arms. Your desk should be against a wall for this exercise. Place your hands on the edge of the desk about shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet on the ground and your back flat, and do a controlled push-up. Shape says to work up to 3 sets of 15, but if Stranger Things is going on in the background, you could probably do a whole lot more than that.

Exercise #2: Use your wine before you drink it.

Don’t own any weights? No problem! Just use two wine bottles (or vodka, tequila, or rum bottles… We’re not judging). You can literally do any workout you would do with 2-pound or 5-pound weights with these bottles… as long as they’re not empty. Check out April Storey’s workout video and you can follow along!

Wine Bottle Arm Workout College Dorm

From Pinterest/@PerfectCellar

Exercise #3: Squats before shots.

Squats are the do-anywhere exercise. Pop a few while you’re waiting for your popcorn to finish popping or while you’re staring at your closet trying to decide what to wear. Get the most from every squat by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle. Try two reps of 20, and increase the amount by two every day for a week. You’ll be feeling the burn by next weekend!

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