The 15 Signs You’re Obsessed with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Since the airing of Grey’s Anatomy‘s stress-inducing season 12 finale back in May, we’ve had four months to emotionally recover from the sight of Ben (who was skating on thin ice with Dr. Bailey) giving April a C-section sans anesthesia, Amelia marrying Owen after almost running away and Alex beating DeLuca black and blue after a misunderstanding with Jo. But, beginning tonight, Shonda Rhimes will officially be back to being the root of all of our emotional issues with the drama’s season 13 premiere.

After 12 seasons filled with a homemade bomb, an active shooter in the hospital, a plane crash, and the deaths of some of our favorite characters, it’s obvious that being a Grey’s Anatomy fan isn’t easy. But, even with all that in mind, you’re probably still obsessed with it. Here’s how you know:

1. Your favorite parts of each episode are the opening and closing monologues.

2. You’ve seriously considered becoming a surgeon for all the wrong reasons.

3. Like, really. You know so much medical jargon that you’re pretty sure you could perform an appendectomy at any moment.

4. And you know for sure that you won’t screw up said appendectomy like George did that one time.

5. Speaking of George, you’re never going to get over his death.

6. Or Mark’s. Or Lexie’s.

7. You understand that it’s completely okay to be “dark and twisty.”

8. You don’t like to use the word “person” loosely because you know what it connotes.

9. And you’ll probably never NOT compare you and your best friend’s relationship to Meredith and Cristina’s.

10. You find yourself in tears at the end of every season premiere… and finale.

11. Sometimes you feel personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes.

12. You really wish people would stop shipping Alex and Meredith.

13. Any and every time you go to a hospital, you’re disappointed that this isn’t the first thing you see.

14. The thought of how much Alex has grown up throughout the series actually brings you to tears.

15. And, even though this show drives you completely insane most of the time, you can’t help but be a loyal fan for life.

The season 13 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy airs tonight at 8:00 P.M. EST on ABC.

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