Singer JoJo Is Not Having It with Fake People

JoJo gained a spot in all of our hearts in the early 2000s with hits such as “Leave (Get Out)” and “Baby It’s You.” She has since retracted her dear fans and has been releasing music for her upcoming album, Mad Love, which will release on October 14.

The singer recently posted a song entitled, “FAB” or “Fake A– B–ches” that has many people bulging their eyes since most of them are only use to the artist’s music as a teenager.

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However, with lines like “their words and their actions blur and they don’t know different,” the song’s messaging remains true to what all of us experience in our daily lives: inauthentic relationships. JoJo has catchy lines throughout the song, one being “they eating all of the food off your plate and they don’t do dishes.” (Yep, one-sided relationships suck.) ¬†Although her new music may differ from the JoJo we were introduced to, her songs always seem to be right on point.

Listen to “FAB” here.

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