A Woman Joins San Diego Padres Major League Baseball Team

Pitch, a television series that premiered tonight on FOX, shares a fictional, but inspirational story of the first woman to pitch in major league baseball.

As expected, the show plunges into sexism as Ginny Baker, played by Kylie Bunbury, is not well received by her all male team. But, it is in the crowd of the first game where young girls and women are standing, that beats any home run.

Typically in stories that consist of a character breaking barriers, we only see the flack that the person receives from naysayers. However, the pilot episode had people in the crowd cheering Baker on with girl power signage in addition to little girls saying that they were next in the big league…simply because they saw one person accomplish what seemed unimaginable.

With that, the premiere of Pitch solidified one thing: representation is real, folks.

The season opener showed a perfect balance between talent and genuine emotion that any young girl should witness from a role model. It showed Baker pitching strikes. It showed her throwing horrible pitches. It also showed her feeling the pressure of so many people looking up to her. It showed the realization of having imperfections and insecurities, no matter how talented you may be. Authenticity is what makes a lasting impact, especially on impressionable young girls.

If you did not catch Pitch, you are only an episode behind. Be sure to watch it, as it will inspire you to take on inconceivable aspirations.

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