The 6 Best Ways to Keep Your Makeup Flawless All Day

Makeup can sometimes be the root of our trust issues. Really, what’s the point in getting all made up if we can’t even trust it to stay on all day? By the time you look at your watch and realize that it’s lunchtime, you check your makeup only to discover that the look you worked so diligently on this morning is slowly starting to melt off of your face. It can be a hassle getting products to last all day but it’s not impossible. Here’s how you do it:

These products and tricks will leave your makeup looking just as flawless as it did when you first put it on. Here’s how you do it:

1. Stay moisturized


This one is a given but it’s important enough to mention first. Applying makeup to a dry face can draw attention to any blemishes or lines by accumulating inside the creases on your skin. And, if you have oily skin, you may think you’re doing yourself a favor by skipping moisturizer or using oil-free cleansers that strip away excess oils, but you might actually be tricking your skin into thinking that it needs to produce more oil.

What we recommend: If you have oily skin, try using a mattifying moisturizer, like Murad Oil Control Mattifier. For dry skin, try finding an intense hydrating moisturizer that works on repairing your skin. You can even keep it as simple as washing and moisturizing your face with olive oil.

2. Use a primer

Smashbox primer


Primer is one of those makeup products that seems a little unnecessary but is actually so worth it. Using a primer helps your makeup because it fills in any pores and lines in your face, giving you a nice and even base to work with.

What we recommend: Smashbox has some of the best primers out there because there’s one for almost every skin type. For oily skin, we recommend the Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer. And, if you have dry skin, try the Photo Finish Hydrating Primer.

3. Use blotting papers

clean and clear oil blotting

Clean & Clear

At any point during the day when you can feel the oil accumulating on our skin, instead of dabbing with tissue, a napkin, or your hand, use blotting strips. Oil blotting strips are thin strips of paper that help to absorb the excess oils in your skin without ruining your makeup. The best part is that you can buy any pack, like these Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, at your nearest drug store for as low as $4.

4. Pick the right foundation


Kat Von D Beauty

Like many other products, the type of foundation that’s best for you is based on your skin. If you have oily skin, go for an oil-free foundation that gives your face a matte look.

What we recommend: Maybelline has an awesome line of inexpensive foundations that are way more catered to your skin’s tone and texture. To see which foundation best fits you, visit their site. Maybelline Fit Me can usually be found at any Ulta or drug store, but if you want something a little more high-end, we recommend Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation.

5. And the right powder

Maybelline Fit Me


Any time you apply makeup, think of your powder as the icing on the cake of your look; it sort of completes everything and it wouldn’t really be right if it weren’t included. Powder also helps to remove any excess oil that may have been transferred from your makeup brushes or your foundation.

What we recommend: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder

6. Use a setting spray

urban decay all nighter

Urban Decay

Powder helps to set your makeup but setting spray locks it in place and makes sure that it won’t move for a longer period of time.

What we recommend: Urban Decay has a variety of great setting sprays including the De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray that’s made to lower the temperature of your makeup so that it takes longer for it to smudge or slide throughout the day.

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