Red, White & Booze: The Presidential Debate 2016 Drinking Game

First Presidential Debate 2016


Presidential debates are the new reality TV – at least until November.

Whether you’re voting for Hill-dawg, the Donald, another party, or simply holding your head in your hands as you mourn the end of the country on election day, these debates are sure to be what everyone’s talking about. To make things (more) interesting, grab a beer or nine and tune in tonight as the first head-to-head debate airs.

Take a sip when…

– “Make America great again.”

– Emails are brought up.

– Donald Trump brags about the success of one of his businesses.

– “Wall.”

– The audience boos.

Take two drinks when…

– A candidate gives a long-winded speech but doesn’t answer the question.

– Donald Trump brings up his daughter Ivanka.

– Hillary Clinton mentions Barack Obama.

– Donald Trump uses the word “huge.”

– The candidates speak over each other.

Finish your drink if…

– Hillary Clinton coughs.

– A Twitter account is made/hashtag becomes a trending topic in response to something a candidate says.

– Donald Trump references his penis.

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