The 5 Best Trends You Need to Try This Fall

Fall is finally here and we’re already dousing ourselves in pumpkin spice lattes and multi-colored dead leaves, sporting super cute flannels and rocking leather booties until the end of time. There’s nothing better than fall, and while we’ll be the first basic b*tches to say nothing beats a nice hot PSL in the morning, there’s something even better we look forward to once the air turns crisp: fall clothes.

While there will always be staples we refuse to part with — beanies, heeled leather booties and literally anything that has a scrap of plaid on it — we’re always looking to add things to our wardrobe. Because who isn’t?

These five fall trends walked the 2016 runways and look equally as good out in the real world. Check out the full gallery below. Welcome to a whole new wardrobe.

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