These National Coffee Day Memes Will Remind You That Your First Love Will Always be Coffee

To give you a better idea of who we are, our spirit animal pre-coffee is Kim Kardashian‘s ugly cry face. In short: we live for a cup of coffee in the morning (and afternoon, and early evening) and wouldn’t be able to function in the world without it.

Seriously. If we could take a coffee bath in the morning, we would. If we could get a straight espresso IV injected into our veins, we would. If our blood could turn into coffee and we could run on it for 24 hours a day, we would. With all that being said, you’re probably not surprised that our favorite made-up holiday is National Coffee Day. After all, it’s the one thing in our lives that’s always loved us back, even through the awkward stages of high school and when we thought cutting our own bangs was a good idea.

To celebrate the best holiday known to man, check out  our favorite memes, jokes and photos for National Coffee Day below. Then go out, get yourself a steaming hot PSL and smile knowing that when everything goes wrong, you always have coffee to fall back on.

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