‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Season 13, Episode 2 Recap

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode was filled with a whole lot of drama.

The episode started out with several of Bailey’s doctors heading to court and like everything in life, people are picking sides. Alex Karev was scheduled for a court date after beating the sh*t out of his intern, and because of the horribly bad decision, he’s also been charged with a felony. Somehow this doesn’t warrant a firing, Bailey just berates him in her office and sends him on his way. With a face like that, how could you not?

In a different wing of the hospital, baby Harriet is ready to be discharged, but April is unable to leave. Naturally she turns into a sobbing mess and things end there.

Later on, Amelia and Jo have an awkward encounter, and Amelia assumes Jo might have a little PTSD post-Karev-DeLuca attack. But as we know, Amelia is still 100% in the dark about Amelia’s abusive marriage. To try and fix things, Amelia invites Jo to a highly uncomfortable dinner party with Riggs, Maggie and Meredith. It’s awkward, to say the least, and while everyone is wining and dining, Meredith tells Riggs that her sister (who really wants to date him) has ulterior motives. It’s a weird thing to tell your previous hookup and of course, Riggs just thinks she’s being irrational. Typical guy!

Once the part is over, Jo leaves and winds up bumping into Karev. He immediately begs for her back, but Jo thankfully isn’t having it. Later, Karev is reassigned to the clinic after seriously screwing up a patient’s case. Maybe he’ll have better luck this time?

As for Meredith, her sister still has her eye set on Riggs and hopes he changes his mind about that date. Will he though? Only time — and a few near-death experiences — will tell.

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