Who Is Under The Sheet On ‘How To Get Away With Murder’?

Spoilers ahead! The first episode of this season’s How To Get Away With Murder left us shocked. The main mystery of the season is who is under that sheet?! In the season three premiere¬†we see Annalise, utterly distraught, looking under a sheet that is lying on a dead body as a fire blazes on in her office nearby. We aren’t even going to find out the answer until midway through the season! The anticipation is seriously too much.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate as to who exactly the person under the sheet is. The show will reveal one person who isn’t the victim every week leading up to the big reveal. On the most recent episode, we found out that Oliver is safe (thank goodness!). That still leaves a lot of people open as options. We’re already stressing out thinking about it.

How to Get Away with Murder


There are a couple of people who we think that we can rule out right away (other than Annalise, obviously). It can’t be Wes, he’s basically the main character of the show aside from Annalise. Without him, we lose one of our main protagonists. It’s not going to be Asher, Annalise was way too torn up about the death and they don’t have the closest relationship within the group. Laurel’s too savvy to get caught up in whatever murderous situation the victim found themselves in, so we’re not putting our money on her. It’s also not going to be Connor… but that’s just because we love him too much and we couldn’t handle losing him on the show.

So, who else could it be? These are the five possible victims that we think most likely occupy the unfortunate spot.

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