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Is it 2009? Snooki & Angelina From ‘Jersey Shore’ Are Feuding

Snooki and Angelina from Jersey Shore

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We kind of forgot that Jersey Shore ever existed (or maybe we tried to block it out of our minds). But, Nicole Polizzi A.K.A. Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick are back to remind us of the nonsensical drama that the show expertly delivered. The two recently exchanged words on Twitter after Pivarnick spoke out about how similar Polizzi’s lip injections looked to hers. Yes, their feud is over lip injections. Somehow, we’re not even surprised.

In an In Touch article, Pivarnick stated, “She’s trying to copy my look. It’s funny how she and gets her lips done at the same exact place that I got mine done.” Seeing the problem here yet? We aren’t either. Pivarnick continued to talk about the “drama” with Polizzi by saying, “You’re older now, you’re a mother-of-two, I mean, it’s ridiculous.” in reference to her former Jersey Shore nemesis. Not really sure why Polizzi copying Pivarnick’s look is an issue. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all! Also, very unsure what the other drama there is between the two that Pivarnick is referring to here. It seems like nothing but a cry for attention from the former reality star.

In true Snooki style, Polizzi took the bait and commented on the article on Twitter.

We’re just as baffled as you are Polizzi. This whole feud between the former castmates is honestly pretty hilarious because it’s so random. Maybe Pivarnick picked up on how random the whole thing was. She quickly deleted her tweets to Polizzi, probably realizing that she wasn’t getting much support on her end for the out-of-nowhere copycat allegations. So, because of all that, we’re calling this one for Snooki.

That said, please never forget their first brawl.

Ah, the good old days.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on Jersey Shore


Stephanie is currently studying Writing for Different Media at New York University. She's an avid TV watcher and massive pop culture fan.