You Won’t Believe What Donald Trump Said About 12-Year-Old Paris Hilton

The disgusting quotes from Donald Trump about women just keep rolling in.

The loud-mouthed Republican presidential nominee recently came under fire for tweeting about the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, in which he called her a con and directed his followers to her sex tape. Now, an old Howard Stern interview with Trump has resurfaced and some of his comments are pretty creepy.

In the interview, Stern and Trump are discussing attractive women when Trump brings up Paris Hilton, who his a friend of his daughter Ivanka Trump.

“Now, somebody who a lot of people don’t give credit to but in actuality is really beautiful is Paris Hilton,” said Trump. “I’ve known Paris Hilton from the time she’s 12, her parents are friends of mine, and the first time I saw her she walked into the room and I said, ‘Who the hell is that?’”

Yes, at just 12 years old Donald Trump found Paris Hilton attractive. But don’t worry, he didn’t want to “bang her,” as Stern asked.

“Well, at 12, I wasn’t interested. I’ve never been into that … but she was beautiful.”

It only gets more uncomfortable. The presidential candidate goes on to describe Hilton as “dumb as a fox” and even admits to Stern that he’d watched her sex tape. Yes, DonalD Trump watched the sex tape of a girl who he has not only known since she was 12 years old, but was also a close friend of his daughter.

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