These ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Spoilers Are So Exciting

The season finale of Stranger Things didn’t just leave us with a ton of questions, it left us wanting the season 2 premiere to get here sooner rather than later. Now that Netflix has finally given the green light for production on the second season the Internet rumor mill is running wild.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) talked about what might be in store for his character on the upcoming season of the 80’s era show. If you recall, Will was trapped in the Upside Down for most of the season with the Demagorgon monster, until escaping and returning to safety with his family. When asked about his character’s future, Schnapp thinks that Will may not quite be himself in the new season:

“I don’t know. But my guess is that maybe he’s going to become evil in the next season. If he’s coughing up these baby Demogorgons, or eggs, or something, maybe he’s incubating or holding these eggs inside of him, and he’s trying to fight his good side against his bad side in the next season. That would be cool to see, to see him become evil.”

If Will’s character does turn evil, Schnapp thinks it would be really fun to act out:

“I mean, there are so many ways Will can go in the next season with how they set it up. But honestly, any way would be pretty cool. But it would be pretty cool to play an evil Will.”

In an interview on British talk show Lorraine, everyone’s favorite badass Eleven revealed that she’s still unsure as to whether or not she’ll be a part of season 2:

“I’m not sure I’m going to be in it. You know, either way it’s going to be fantastic. We have a great cast and great writers and directors.”

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