‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Season 13, Episode 3 Recap

This seas of grey’s Anatomy has already started off with a bang (don’t get your hopes up — not literally) and the drama is real. While this week’s episode has yet to air, spoilers have already leaked, which is perfect for us diehard fans.

The third episode, which is titled “I Ain’t no Miracle Worker,” centers in on Meredith, who looks to be caught between Alex Karev and Andrew DeLuca. Despite Karev being on the verge of psychopathy, serious anger management classes and a whole lot of jail time, Meredith insists on sticking by his side. In an interview with Us Weekly, Pompeo explains just how far her character will go to defend Alex saying, “I think as long as it’s within the law. Alex is her ride-or-die.”

“Meredith has to pull it back… She doesn’t want to make anything worse for Alex, so she’s had to rein it in. She owns the hospital — she doesn’t need a lawsuit,” she explained.

No, no she does not. The episode’s synopsis reads, “A family argues at the hospital following a car crash at a funeral; Arizona is caught between Alex and Andrew; Ben has a new parenting role; Amelia helps Meredith and Maggie work through a problem.”

Yeah… we bet they have a BIG problem. Check back for the full recap once the show airs. In the meantime, watch the promo below in anticipation for season 13, episode 3 of Grey’s Anatomy.