Celebrate October 3rd with Your Favorite ‘Mean Girls’

Today is October 3rd. If you’re anything like us, you’re sitting here wondering how the hell it’s already October 3rd. Wasn’t it just summer like three days ago?! Next it’ll be Halloween, then we’ll be stuffing our faces at Thanksgiving, then we’ll be complaining about how broke we are come Christmas, then it’ll be sweltering hot all over again! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! TIME IS SLIPPING RIGHT THROUGH OUR FINGERS!

But once you get past those overwhelming thoughts, you remember something incredibly important: Mean Girls Day.

As fans already know, today is the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Haron what day it was. Her response, “It’s October 3rd.” Since then, we’ve been celebrating October 3rd by wearing pink, smelling like a baby prostitute and making our hair as big and as full as secrets as possible. It’s the only way.

After hitting up the mall and calling some girl’s mom with a false pregnancy test, celebrate with the best Mean Girls memes and GIFs below. They’re SO fetch.