We’re Dedicating This #NationalBoyfriendDay to Our One True Love: Food

You know what comes with National Boyfriend Day? Nauseating photos of your BFF and her boyfriend getting all “baby I’m so blessed to have you” on Instagram. You know what else comes with it? Sadness, tears and loneliness from all of the single people out there who have to stomach said photos for a very long 24 hours. But just because you don’t have an actual man by your side doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this ridiculous made-up holiday in your own way. After all, love comes in all shapes and sizes, and we need to be open about what our heart really longs for more than anything else.

Yup, we’re talking about food. Heaping piles of macaroni and cheese, bags of sour cream and onion chips, a house built out of fries and ice cream so creamy you can’t help but weep. This #NationalBoyfriendDay, we’re forgetting about Leonardo DiCaprio and that poor excuse of an ex-boyfriend to focus on the real love of our life: food.

Let’s start with something that makes us instantly go weak at the knees: pizza.


Oh yeah… whoever says size doesn’t matter is 100% lying. I’m not interested in an Ellio’s, I want the real deal. I also want the real deal with a plate overflowing with garlic knots.


Hell to the yes. I’m so blinded by the hotness I can barely look directly at them. But let’s give Italian food a break and move onto to something a little more sweet. Is there anything better than a sensitive guy who loves to play the guitar? Yes there is, and that something is a cookie the size of your f*cking head.


I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!! Now let’s add some ice cream to it.


HAVE MERCY!!!! Our sweet tooth has been fulfilled and now we’re looking for something more savory. And by savory we mean loaded tater tots.


We suddenly have a hunkering for nachos…


THANK YOU INSTAGRAM! But we’re going to need something to wash that down with.


Yup, we’re hungry AF. Happy #NationalBoyfriendDay to the one thing that will never leave us or let us down.

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