5 Dating Hacks You Won’t Regret, Courtesy of the Obamas

In Southside with You, a film about the first date of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, viewers gained a look into the very beginning of the power couple’s love story. However, the film also tackled dating tendencies that many of us have from time to time that POTUS and FLOTUS were guilty of, as well.

After watching the film and seeing that those tendencies worked for one of our favorite couples, here are five dating tips and hacks that won’t make you cringe anymore after the thought of them.

Having a habit of being late.

Southside with You made it crystal clear that our POTUS had a habit of being late. When he picked up the maiden Michelle Robinson, late, of course, our future FLOTUS did not hesitate to acknowledge it. Yet, the date continued on and they are 24 years into marriage today. So the next time you (or a date) are running a few minutes behind, it may be worth brushing off.

Dating another “smooth talking” person.

During the date, FLOTUS constantly referred to President Obama as another “smooth talking” man. However, the more she interacted and conversed with him, she realized that he genuinely cared and wanted to learn more about her. So, we are not saying to have your guard down every time you go on a date with a smooth talker, but in addition to calling BS, be open to accepting that he may be authentic.

Being a “cheap date.”

Assessing paintings at a museum? Beers and a movie? Chocolate ice cream at Baskin Robbins? These are all perfect dates that require little money (and mimic exactly what it is that the Obamas did on their first date together). If someone is interested in spending time with you by taking a walk through the park, do not be offended that it is not an expensive dinner. Quality over quantity is essential in this matter.

Keeping your wittiness at its normal level.

First Lady Michelle Obama did not hold back on the date when she engaged in conversation with President Obama. She remained firm. She remained opinionated. She was perfectly transparent while also keeping some secrecy about herself. When it comes to dating, women sometimes feel like we have to dumb ourselves down so that our date does not feel emasculated or intimidated. Our First Lady proved that you can remain a boss while making him fall in love, at the same time.

Offering to pay for something.

The couple split the cost of a purchase while on the date. Although President Obama was against it, a persistent FLOTUS insisted on him taking the money for her order. With that, do not hesitate to offer to pay for your half of a bill. As President Obama did, your date will most likely offer to pay anyway, and you can decide if you will allow him to do so. But never assume that your bill is taken care of just because it is a date.
There you have it, folks. Our favorite couple had the same dating issues that we experience and yet, they still have their happily ever after. Therefore, it can happen for you too!

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