A Virginia Teen was Arrested After She Reportedly Hired a Clown to Kill Her Teacher

Let’s get straight to the point — clowns are f*cking terrifying. Thanks to John Wayne Gacy, Stephen King’s It and those creepy backwoods carnivals I used to attend as a child, I don’t want to be closer than a mile radius to one of those things if I don’t have to be. But with these recent clown sightings all over the country, the chances of keeping my distance are becoming slimmer every day. In most recent clown news, a 13-year-old from Virginia was taken into police custody after allegedly reaching out to a supposed clown on social media and asking for them to kill one of her teachers.


Police say the deranged teen from Davis Middle School contacted some rando on Facebook who was using a clown image as their profile photo. “The profile that she contacted actually was using a clown as a profile picture and so using a clown related alias,” Officer Ashley Jenrette of Hampton Police said.

According to authorities, a dispatcher received a call Sunday night about a threat being made on social media, and the eventual investigation led to the young girl’s arrest. Detectives say the teacher was not harmed and there is no current evidence indicating threats made towards anyone else in the school. However, there was increased police presence at the middle school Monday.

The 13-year-old was arrested and charged with threatening to kill by electronic message. She is currently in police custody. “We looked at prior discipline issues and so on, but basically the range is long-term suspension to expulsion,” Diana Gulotta from Hampton City Schools said.

Luckily no actual clowns were involved in this case, but I’m just going to say this once and for all: CAN THE CLOWN TREND DIE ALREADY?!

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