Students Begged Drake to Come to Drake University, But Everyone Was Asleep By The Time He Got There

When Drake shows up at your college, you want to make sure you’re awake to see it. Sadly for Drake University students, they just couldn’t stay up.

Students at the university have been lobbying to get the rapper to their school for the last few years with #BringDrakeToDrake, but the idea finally became a partial reality when the 29-year-old announced his Summer Sixteen tour with Feature would be stopped in Des Moines, Iowa. They assumed he would make an appearance that day, but the university’s Twitter quickly destroyed that dream.

“If you haven’t heard, Drake the rapper did not visit campus today. But, our students still had a great day. #BringDraketoDrake lives on,” administrators wrote.

But early the next morning, Drake decided to to stop by the campus for a surprise visit. But because it was like 3am, everyone was asleep.

Luckily he was at least gracious enough to record his wanderings so students could see where he went when they woke up.

“Look! Kappa Kappa Gamma, I’m outside your sorority house now and you’re all sleep,” Drake declared in a video posted on Instagram. “And you’re all sleep.” When he went to another sorority, he found the same. “Kappa Alpha Theta we out here waiting on you. We waiting on you!”

Check out the full video below:

Wow, what a sneak. Better luck next time Drake University students!

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