5 Reasons Why Alex Karev Is the Ultimate Grey’s Anatomy Dreamboat

Say what you will about McDreamy and McSteamy, but Alex Karev is the real dreamboat of the entire Grey’s Anatomy series. His bad boy personality set him apart from the other more straight-edge surgeons, and as we’ve learned more about him over the past twelve seasons, we’ve come to adore him even more…and last week’s episode has us all gripping the edges of our seats. Here are 5 reasons why we love Dr. Karev.

1. He’s the underdog.


Alex literally came from nothing–his mother had a mental illness and his father abused and ended up abandoning their family, so Alex took care of everyone. He went through the foster system, but still made it through medical school and landed in the internship program in Seattle. You gotta love a success story.

2. He went into pediatrics.



Even though Karev originally wanted to go into plastics so he could make fast money, he couldn’t stay away from pediatrics. Thanks to his mentor, Arizona Robbins, he’s become a phenomenal peds surgeon, and every time we see Dr. Karev holding a baby, we can’t help but swoon.

3. He started a program to help underprivileged kids in Africa. 


I mean…if you still though Alex Karev was a heartless jerk at this point in the series, this program had to change your opinion. He literally does everything he can to get sick children on a plane from Africa to Washington so he can treat them–and somehow, he pulls it off. Also, if it weren’t for him, Meredith and Derek never would have met Zola.

4. He’s fiercely protective of his friends. 


As the seasons have gone on, Alex has proven himself a loyal friend, especially to Meredith. As two of the last remaining original interns, these two have a super sweet friendship and understanding of one another. When he went through drama with Izzie and Ava/Rebecca in seasons past, Karev was a constant shoulder to cry on–this guy has gone through a lot more than anyone should have to.

5. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything.


This goes hand in hand with his loyalty to his friends–Alex Karev is brutally honest about everything. Sure, this isn’t always a good thing, but sometimes you need someone to tell you when you’re acting like an idiot.

And just look at that face.



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