Donald Trump Claims He Mocked Women’s Appearances For ‘Entertainment’

As if Donald Trump hasn’t already buried himself in a troll-filled hole, he’s somehow managed to get even deeper in sh*t.

In a recent interview with Las Vegas station KSNV, the GOP candidate was asked about the slew of questionable comments he’s made about women’s appearances in the past. His answer is exactly what you’d expect it to be — he claims his words were all in good fun.

“You have two beautiful daughters, who are past their teenage years. That, you know, could be awkward and confusing. Do you understand the concern from parents of younger girls that some of the wording that you’ve used to talk about attractiveness or unattractiveness might make it more difficult for girls who are struggling with their body image and the pressure to be model perfect?” the host asked. Trump responded with a swift “sure I do,” then proceeded to talk about The Apprentice.

“A lot of this is done in the entertainment business,” he said. “I’m being interviewed for Apprentice long before I ever thought in terms of running for office.”

“But a lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment,” Trump continued. “I can tell you this: There is nobody — nobody — that has more respect for women than I do.”

When asked if he’s now trying to tone that rhetoric down, Trump responded with, “It’s not a question of trying. It’s very easy. But, you know, you’re in the entertainment business. You’re doing The Apprentice. You have one of the top shows on television. And you say things differently for a reason.”

He continued, “And now it’s a much different world. But I will say this. Nobody has more respect for women and nobody is gonna defend out country stronger than Donald Trump and I think I’m gonna do very well with women and in fact, I see married women are way up right now in my polls, you see that.”

Here’s the full interview clip:

During an interview in March, Trump reiterated a similar sentiment, saying “Well, number one, I’m no different than anybody else, and people joke, and I joke.”

Dude, totally. I totally know where you’re coming from. If there’s anything funnier than calling a woman a fat pig, please tell me, because I’m in the dark. That sh*t is HILARIOUS! I’m still laughing on the inside.

I’m just going to place this friendly little reminder to register to vote right here, because your life literally depends on it. And don’t forget to exercise your civic duty come November 8.

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