Florida Couple Forces Friends to Attend Wedding … Despite Hurricane Matthew

The love between Jaime Gurnavage and Ryan Gordon knows no bounds. Despite a category-3 hurricane,  a president-declared state of emergency and sweeping power outages, the Florida couple remains determined to get married in a beachfront ceremony this weekend.

Over 100 friends and family, 30 of whom are from out of state, will be forced to attend a ceremony on December 8 that is scheduled to take place at the Ocean Landing Resort in Cocoa Beach, Florida. While the couple still doesn’t know exactly what state the resort will be in by Saturday, given that there was a hurricane and all, they are determined to get married on the 8th because it is emotionally significant to them.

“We plan on still having some type of ceremony. Whatever kind of ceremony that may be,” Gurnavage told Florida Today. “We picked the 8th because the No. 8, when you set it on the side, it’s the infinity symbol.” And considering that all of the items for their wedding are already engraved with the date October 8, they are getting married this Saturday no matter what.

We think Jamie and Ryan’s marriage is definitely going to make it. Because if you’re relationship can survive this type of drama, then it can survive anything, even a hurricane.

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