Fiercest Bride Ever Performs Beyonce-Inspired Dance at Her Own Wedding

We’ve always had our reservations about marriage — will we ever really be ready to give up those epically drunk late nights and general freewill? — but after watching Melissa Molinaro’s wedding dance video, we’re warming up to the idea.

The multi-talented performer just got married the other day and had an INCREDIBLE reception. But before we get into it, let’s all take a moment to admire her gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, her insanely perfect wedding dress, and her incredibly hot new husband:

SLAY. But the best part of the night was when Molinaro performed a Beyonce-inspired dance routine for her groom Bryan Kowalski and guests while wearing a matrimonial bodysuit.

It. Was. Everything.

“My husband always told me his favorite thing is to watch me perform so you know I had to give him the performance of a lifetime! This is all for you boo!” she wrote on Instagram. And let me tell you, the woman succeeded. By the end of the performance, Molinaro pulled her new husband onstage and invited guests to join them on the dance floor. It looked way more fun than all of my cousins’ weddings combined.

Check out her full performance below and remember, if you’re going to get married one day, don’t forget to replicate this choreographed masterpiece.

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