What You Should Be For Halloween Based on Your Favorite ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Member

November 7th feels like so far away, but that’s how long we’ll have to wait until Vanderpump Rules‘ fifth season premieres. We’re seriously missing the drama between Stassi, Scheana and the rest of the servers at Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur Restaurant. The trailer for the newest season recently premiered and we’re in for even more craziness. Every season you don’t think that the crew will top themselves, but somehow they manage to! We’ll obviously be tuning in to see Katie and Tom Schwartz get married (…or not?). Check out the trailer:

[protected-iframe id=”c763f9a7f9e8ebde4c4a9a3c084eb4d2-860993-109884273″ info=”http://player.theplatform.com/p/PHSl-B/tLGNZ7qPWAH0/select/media/guid/2140479951/3104628″ width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″]

So. Much. Yes.

As we’re getting closer to Halloween, we’re starting to seriously think about what we’re going to dress up as. If you’re having some trouble, take a look at what we think the cast of Vanderpump Rules should be for inspiration! Here’s what we think each of the cast members should dress up as for Halloween. If you want to embody your fav cast member, dressing up how they would on Halloween is a great first step.

Stassi – Regina George

Stassi from Vanderpump Rules


Stassi is definitely the Regina George of this messed up friend group. She is a total HBIC and that’s what we love about her most. She’s a leader in the friend group and loves to have a dedicated group of Sur servers (a.k.a. the Plastics) around her. Dressing up like Regina George seriously fits Stassi perfectly.

Katie – Marionette Doll

Katie from Vanderpump Rules


Oh Katie. In recent seasons, she’s kind of broken out of her shell and outside of Stassi’s shadow. But we still can’t forget the Katie that followed Stassi’s every order. As a marionette doll, people like Stassi could actually tell Katie what to do. And hey, marionettes can be kinda fun and cute…right?

Kristen – Jailbird

Kristen from Vanderpump Rules


Ok, maybe this one kind of belongs to Jax. But Kristen is not exactly immune to any of the drama that goes on in the show. She actually causes a lot of it. This could be a play on all of the hot messes that seem to stem from the now former Sur server. Maybe it’s all caught up to her.

Scheana – Snow White

Scheana from Vanderpump Rules


Scheana is all about glamour and attention, what better way to incorporate all of that into a costume than to dress up like a Disney princess? You can be assured that Scheana would put her own bling-tastic spin on a Snow White costume so that as many eyes are on her as possible. If you want to dress up like Scheana would on Halloween, bedazzle a Disney princess costume and you’re basically there.

Tom Sandoval – Hugh Hefner

Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules


Anything that Sandoval does, has to be done in style. If you love him and want to dress how he might on Halloween, you can’t be caught dead in some kind of funny, figure hiding costume. We see Sandoval playing up the suaveness of Hugh Hefner’s classic burgundy robe and smoking pipe. He’ll probably wear anything as long as it doesn’t cover his face.

Tom Schwartz – Baby

Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules


We kind of love Schwartz, but he also needs to grow up a bit. Proposing to Katie last season was a big step for him and he’s definitely been growing up more as the seasons progress. But it doesn’t overpower his natural state of being: acting like a baby. He’d know how to rock the hilarity of the costume and would enjoy being comfy.

Jax – Poop Emoji

Jax from Vanderpump Rules


Sorry Jax, but you’re getting the poop emoji. We think this outfit sums him up perfectly. The emoji resembles something gross but there’s also something funny about it, just like the enigma that is Jax. At times, he is truly gag-worthy, but then he’ll totally make us crack up. We think that Jax would get a kick out of the costume too because he kind of knows all of this about himself. So, if you want to embody Jax for Halloween, the poop emoji is your best bet.

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