‘Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?” 2016 Premiere: Date, Time & TV Channel

When it was announced that Freeform was doing a reality show with The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, we were…cautiously excited. Higgins and Bushnell weren’t the most thrilling pair to come out of the show so we were kind of surprised that they were the ones given a spin-off show. To be honest, we were rooting for a spin-off with The Bachelorette‘s Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, who are hilarious and all-around awesome. But, we’re still going to be checking out this show because we’re obsessed with everything in Bachelor Nation.

The trailer for the season definitely piqued our interest. How exactly are Higgins and Bushnell handling engaged life? Everything seemed to be so perfect on The Bachelor but that can’t exactly last. It will be interesting to see Higgins and Bushnell as they tackle the real world and everything associated with that. It also looks like we’ll be getting cameos from our other favorite Bachelor Nation stars. In the trailer, we get an appearance from the most recent Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher a.k.a. the other girl that Higgins said “I love you” to during The Bachelor. We’ll be tuning in to find out how that whole awkward meeting turns out. Here’s how you can watch too!

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Date, Time & Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Time: 8:00 P.M. (EST) TV Channel: Freeform Season: 1 Episode: 1 Cast: Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Trailer