This Thing You Probably Do Every Day Is Giving You Major Split Ends



Now that everyone and their mother is rocking a lob, you might be thinking about a new hairstyle. Maybe you want to grow out your mane, but no matter what you do, those split ends keep coming back. Even though you condition the ends of your hair and stay away from the flat iron (well, as much as humanly possible), you’re still forced to head to the hair salon for a trim to get rid of those ugly strands.

Turns out, one thing that you do regularly could be standing between you and Rapunzel-length locks: brushing or combing your hair after you get out of the shower.

It just so happens that brushing wet hair is super damaging. While dry hair is coated and protected by natural oils, clean hair is super prone to breakage.

While there are special brushes made so you can run through your wet hair with minimal damage, it’s best to leave your hair alone until it’s dry. And viola – your hair will be flowing and healthy in no time.


Find out more tips to prevent split ends below:

1. Apply a leave-in conditioner once a week.

2. Dry hair with a soft t-shirt rather than a towel

3. Reduce use of heat appliances

4. Use a protector spray or gel when using a heat appliance

5. Don’t wash hair every day

6. Apply coconut oil or olive oil to your hair before swimming

7. Stop back-combing

8. Eat a balanced diet

9. Opt for warm water instead of scalding hot in the shower

10. Protect your hair from the environment such as high wind and prolonged sun exposure

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