A Video Of Kim Kardashian’s Apartment Post-Robbery Has Surfaced Online

A video of Kim Kardashian‘s Paris L’Hôtel de Pourtalès apartment post-robbery has surfaced online, and her actions have people doubting her traumatic experience. The video, which is just under four minutes long, shows Kim sitting calmly on a couch and Facetiming while police search her apartment for evidence of the robbery.

It was originally posted by Radar Online and has many doubting her formal narrative, which left her painted as a hysterical victim. Check it out:


According to initial reports, several men dressed as police officers made their way into Kim’s apartment and bound her with tape and zip ties. They then put tape over her mouth, placed her inside her bathroom tub, and locked her inside while they ravaged through her personal belongings looking for jewelry. They made out with nearly $10 million in jewels before fleeing the apartment on bikes.

But in the video above, which was shot immediately after she called the police, Kim is seen relatively calm and without any markings on her wrists. Previous reports also stated that Kim’s phone was taken during the robbery, but she is clearly on a phone in the above video. There are also no signs of forced entry, with magazine clippings, furniture and photos completely undisturbed.

“I would have expected her to have been extremely nervous, and ill at ease,” said Henderson Cooper, retired Los Angeles Police Department supervisor of detectives who analyzed the video. “Usually cases with civilians who are not experienced with such conflict, people get shakes, they get unstable. Sometimes they get light headed or confused and I hear nothing to suggest that.”

To test Kim’s story, a Radar Online employee went as far as tying herself up to see if bruises would appear. According to the article, she suffered abrasions almost instantly. They also say that her assistant is seen in the video wearing a mic, despite claims that they were not filming the reality show at the time.

IMO, this is bullsh*t on multiple levels. First, everyone deals with trauma differently, so condemning her demeanor is irrelevant. Second, that could literally be anyone’s phone. Ever heard of borrowing? And third, the “lack” of bruising means nothing. If the Pink Panthers were to blame for the crime, they’re known for not using violence, would could also mean that they didn’t tie the rope tight enough to leave legitimate marks. Plus the video isn’t exactly the best quality in the world, so we can’t be 100% sure that there’s nothing there anyway.

What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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