Kendall Jenner Takes the Stand In Her Stalker’s Criminal Trial

Kendall Jenner is currently on the stand in her alleged stalker’s criminal trial, and according to TMZ, she told a jury she’s too frightened to be home by herself. Her accused stalker is Shavaughn McKenzie, who followed Jenner up her driveway on Sunday night. McKenzie was arrested for stalking and trespassing at the reality star’s Hollywood Hills home. Apparently, there was already a warrant out for his arrest.

Jenner continued her testimony today in L.A. County court and said she was so traumatized from the incident that she stayed with entertainment executive Irving Azoff, one of her neighbors, so she wouldn’t have to be home alone.

“This is not how I want to be living,” Jenner said, “I really don’t feel safe in my own house.” Jenner added that she has since added 24-hour camera security on her property.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Jenner drove up to her house, and saw a guy in her driveway by the gate. As she pulled through and continued up the driveway, he followed behind her. Citing herself as the kind of person who’s always “on edge,” Jenner freaked out and called 911, and stayed in her car until the cops arrived.

Kendall bought the house just two months ago, and in the wake of her older sister’s near-death experience, we can sympathize with her fear.

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