Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Cope With Her Robbery Trauma Through Therapy

After being held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry in Paris nearly two weeks ago, Kim Kardashian is having a hard time getting back to a sense of normalcy. Unlike her family, who have managed to resurface on social media after going mute for several days, Kim has stayed out of the spotlight and even skipped a Keeping Up With The Kardashians wrap party, saying she wasn’t “feeling up to things like that yet.”

According to a new report from E! News, Kim is having a hard time dealing with everything that happened and has turned to professional counseling for help.

“Kim is very paranoid still when she is alone. She has been having flashbacks and hasn’t been sleeping well,” a source close to the reality star told E! News. “Her security is always around her now.” The insider also clarifies that “her friends and family have been really supportive. Her sisters and mom have been checking on her every day,” and that while Kanye West is still traveling, he calls her “nonstop” to check in.

The report also claims that Kim’s daughter North West senses that something is going on, but the couple decided not to tell her about what happened. “Being around her children is the biggest distraction for her mind. North West is aware her mom is sad and not herself, but Kanye and Kim are trying not to talk about it around her,” the source told the entertainment news outlet.

Her toughest moments seem to be when she’s alone, but another source insists that her main focus is “working on getting better.” She may be in “shock mode” now, but we have faith that her perseverance will get her through.

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