Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For The Lazy Girl

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t you just love scouring Halloween websites for costumes you just know you’re not actually going to buy? (Only me? Cool.) As college students, we ball on a budget. So, more often than not, our Halloween costumes come to life with the help of all the things we already have in our closets at the very last minute. Because being lazy is great, and sometimes pulling something together last-minute makes for the best costumes.

Check out our full list below of the best last-minute Halloween costumes.

1. The LBD: Holly Golightly

All you really need to complete this look is a pair of long gloves and a classy necklace. And if one of your friends has recently celebrated a birthday, then you can most definitely find a tiara somewhere.

2. White blouse: Risky Business

You may just freeze wearing nothing but a button-down shirt and white socks in October, but it’ll be so worth it. Throw some black dance shorts on underneath if you don’t want to risk baring it all in front of your fellow partygoers.

3. Denim button-down: Rosie the Riveter

You can finally put that red bandana (the one that went out of style when you were ten) to use with this fun and painless costume that takes little to no effort to create. At a time where feminism is so important, why not pay homage to the legend herself? Just be ready to break out your brightest shade of red lipstick and flex your muscles all night.

4. Black sweater: Wednesday Addams

Your white blouse can also come in handy here. Putting together this costume is as simple as throwing a black sweater over your blouse, braiding your hair in pigtails and adding a little black makeup to complete the look.

5. Leather jacket: Biker girl

Ignore the fact that you don’t exactly know what a biker girl is and use the fact that you own a leather jacket to your advantage. Pull it all together with a pair of jean shorts and combat boots.

6. Anything black: Cat

This one’s a little basic, but it’ll forever be a classic costume that’s quick and easy to put together no matter what type of budget you find yourself on.

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