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If You Haven’t Registered To Vote Yet, You Need To Do It ASAP

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The second presidential debate last week provided us the fire we needed to make sure we are registered to vote.  It’s hard to believe this oversaturated election will be coming to a close in just a few weeks, but you only have until mid-October to guarantee your voice is heard. Although millennials seem to be the most politically active on social media, they are frequently associated with low voting records. From 2004 to 2012, millennials were the lowest group of voters, more than any age group. C’mon millennials- we can do better.

Just ask YouTube:

Luckily, it has never been easier to get yourself to the polls November 8th thanks to the internet. Companies like Google and Buzzfeed have enlisted creative tactics to ensure our generation is engaged during this crucial election, and we have everything you need to know so you can register yourself. See you at the polls!


Twitter has partnered with organizations like Pew’s Voting information Project and Rock The Vote to not only get Americans registered but to also get them informed. Send a direct message to Twitter account to @Gov with your zip code and you will receive a link to get you registered. The handle will be available to answer any burning questions you may have during the last few weeks of this election season.


The days of only using Facebook to procrastinate at work are over. Now you can register through the social media site as soon as you login to your account.

BuzzFeed Turbo Vote

Buzzfeed has partnered with Turbo Vote in a joint effort to raise the voter turnout to 80% by 2020. This Website helps you register, gives you the information you need about the candidates and reminds you of important dates.


Type in”Register to Vote.” Go ahead, we’ll wait.


Text “Hello Vote” to 384-387. Depending on your state, there might be physical paperwork to fill out but Hello Vote has got you covered. They will email you a printable copy and pay for your postage. What’s easier than that?