Bella Thorne Is Being Shamed For Her Sexuality By Major Movie Studios

When a fan asked Bella Thorne if she was bisexual this summer on Twitter, she wasn’t afraid to answer honestly: “yes.” In turn, Thorne received a massively positive response from her followers, praising her honesty and admiring her confidence, but unfortunately bigwigs in the industry aren’t as open to the news.

In a new interview with Maxim, Thorne revealed that she’s experienced major backlash from people in the industry despite the positive response from social media.

“It is hard in this business for us. It really is,” she said. “I have already had people talk sh** to me. And it comes from people in the industry, not even fans.”

Her refusal to hide her sexuality on social media — specifically on Snapchat — has many studio execs up in arms, despite the fact that they seem to tip toe around it. “I’ve had studios tell me my image is too ’out there,’ hinting at it but not really saying it,” she said.

But nothing will stop her from toning down her social media appearances. “I’m not going to change myself for this business, and I’m not going to change myself for anyone else,” she declared.

SO. MUCH. YES. This is exactly why we love Bella Thorne. No one should have to hide their true selves, and being open and honest about it makes for a positive role model. Keep doing you Bella, we’ve got your back.

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