Lindsay Lohan Owns a Nightclub and Obviously Has No Idea What She’s Doing

Lindsay Lohan Club


Lindsay Lohan has found a way to always keep the party going. And this time, it’s by making a pretty big investment.

In a nightclub.

LiLo is now part-owner of a new nightclub in Athens, Greece, aptly named LOHAN. Opening on Saturday, October 15, the club’s ownership is also shared by Lohan’s friend and Greek restaurateur, Dennis Papageorgiou. A spokesperson for the club revelead to TMZ that Papageorgiou came up with the idea for the nightclub after Lohan and her ex-fiancé Egor called it quits in July. And while Lohan has no clue how to run a nightclub, and luckily won’t have deal with any of the business elements of it anyways, she will be getting a good chunk of the profits for making between two and three appearances per month.

The club decor is “abandoned factory chic” and features baroque details, as well as both a VIP section and an even more secluded VVIP section. Talk about exclusive.

If you happen to find yourself in Athens, do as the Greeks do and party at LOHAN. Or, maybe not.

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