Perrie Edwards Seems Pretty Pissed At Zayn Malik

Looks like Perrie Edwards is seeking sweet revenge on her ex-fiance Zayn Malik.

The Little Mix singer recently challenged Malik’s Fader admission about breaking up with her via text message, ending their two-year engagement and four-year relationship.

The big debate began when Malik had his debut interview as a solo artist in an edgy spread with Fader. Malik was pensive throughout the story, but particularly explicit when discussing the end of his engagement.

If you could word it exactly this way, I’d be very appreciative. I have more respect for Perrie than to end anything over text message. I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that. She knows that, I know that, and the public should know that as well. I don’t want to explain why or what I did. I just want the public to know I didn’t do that.

The story, which ran pre-Gigi Hadid, seemed to quiet the rumors of a callous ending to a tumultuous and highly covered relationship between the two X-Factor UK starlets.

Edwards is opposing Malik’s version of events in more ways than one.

A leaked excerpt of Little Mix’s upcoming book Our World brought to light Edwards’ version of events.

It was horrible, the worst time of my life. A four-year relationship, two-year engagement ended by a simple text message. Just like that. Even though things my career were going really well, it was incredibly difficult for me.

Edwards has said she’s in a good place now, having the support of her bandmates and even finding “independence” in buying her own home.

Not only is she writing about her triumphs, she’s singing about them. Little Mix recently debuted their single “Shout Out to My Ex” and Edwards’ references to her particular ex are pretty scathing.

The worst of them?

“I hope she gettin’ better sex, hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe. Took four long years to call it quits, forget that boy, I’m over it.”


Edwards also mentions tattoos, an apparent reference to Zayn’s tattooed portrait of her, which now seems to be covered with another design.

Twitter users were eager to witness Edwards’ takedown of Malik’s previous admissions, with Little Mix fans creating #PerrieExposedZaynParty in her honor.

Malik has yet to reply, but we’re thinking it won’t be too long before he says something, as his own memoir, titled Zayn, will drop November 1.

This may even call for the posting of an ambiguous quote by Gigi Hadid on Instagram, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

For now, shout out to her ex and congrats to Perrie Edwards for telling her side of the story.

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