Sarah Jessica Parker Called Carrie Bradshaw ‘Childish’ & Our Whole Life Is A Lie

Growing up, I learned everything about sex and dating from two things: Cosmopolitan and Sex and the City. When I realized that guys didn’t actually want you to put a doughnut on their penis and watch you eat it off, I switched to only Sex and the City. But thanks to a recent interview with Sarah Jessica Parker, I’m officially at a loss.

In an interview with Jane Pauley for CBS Sunday Morning, Parker discussed her iconic Carrie Bradshaw role in the popular HBO series. While she said that being associated with the character is “a privilege,” Parker also made a point to say that many of Bradshaw’s ideas about love weren’t entirely realistic.

“[Carrie Bradshaw] was so romantic,” said Pauley. “You know, it had to be love, love, love, love all the time. It’s a sparkle.” Pauley was immediately interrupted by Parker, who added that those ideas were “childish in a way.”

Considering many fans see themselves in the same light as Bradshaw, it was kind of hard to hear. But Parker made sure to explain that despite her feelings about the character, she still feels lucky that she was able to get the role. She also did a nice little shoutout to her fans.

“I feel we are a fairly intimate group, this gang of 10 million that watch the show,” said Parker. “So I feel it behooves me to be responsible to [them], and for every single thing I do.”

As for that other Sex and the City movie, Parker revealed a cryptic message we still can’t totally figure out: “[The movie] rests in the butler’s pantry. It’s not on the table, but somebody is holding it fairly nearby.”

Please take it out of the pantry and put it into a movie theater, thanks.

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