This Guy Admitted To Killing Someone On YouTube, Promised To Give Details Later

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A murder confession is making the rounds online after a YouTube video of a man describing himself as “a killer” and blaming drugs for his reckless decisions has gone viral.

The video, which is titled “who I killed,” features an emotionally unstable subject, who goes back and forth between crying hysterically and laughing. “People who know me, you know I wasn’t always like this. It’s the f*cking drugs man, and I know what I did wasn’t right but it f*cks with your f*cking brain,” he says while sitting outside and pulling on his black hoodie.

The video is accompanied by the caption “I will show you soon I promise please don’t give up on me yet stick with me” and the comments have been disabled. Watch it below.

Another video titled “my confession I’m so f*cking sorry” was uploaded a few weeks prior. It starts with presumably the same man sitting in a dark abandoned building. He’s clearly in distress and says, “I’ve murdered them…I never wanted to be a murderer. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

And in the video’s description, something even more disturbing: “I’m so f*cking sorry for what I’ve done to my friends and family I hope you can forgive me I didn’t mean for it to happen like this. I didn’t mean to be a killer I’m so f*cking sorry I just want to go home.”

Before both videos’ comments were disabled, many viewers urged the man to turn himself in to police if the confession was actually real. “(If this is real) while you’re boohooing over the feelings of guilt you certainly deserve, a corpse is slowly rotting. (If this is fake) next time do more of Hannibal Lecter and less of a Paul Michael Stephani,” one commenter wrote. Another got right to the point: “You need to turn yourself in.”

Murder ConfessionThings got even scarier in a video posted right after this one, where the man attempts suicide by dousing himself in lighter fluid.

His most recent is titled “you wont [sic] find me,” and features him whispering and crying in the dark. Nothing can be seen but a black screen. “I’ll show you what happened soon,” he says. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you what happened.”

To say it’s creepy is an understatement, but we can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is a hoax. But then again, who would joke about that? That’s pretty messed up. What do you think? Is this legit or is it nothing more than a sick prank? Sound off in the comments below.

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