11 Things You’ll Learn from Living with Roommates

Roommates. Sometimes it seems like we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. You may have expected life with your new roommates to be less problematic and more comparable to a giant sleepover. LOL, boy were you wrong.

Living with a few other people is always fun but, for anyone who doesn’t have much experience living with roommates, it’s also a huge learning experience. Whether you only live with one other person or a few people, you’re bound to learn any of these ten things along the way.

1. No, this is not one large sleepover.

2. Just because you’re best friends doesn’t mean you’ll like being roommates.

3. You’ll spend a lot of time together… and a lot of time wanting to kill each other.

4. There’s no such thing as space.

5. Not everyone has the same definition of “clean” or “dirty.”

6. Nor does everyone have the same definition of “quiet.”

7. You might also have different sleep schedules.

8. So that different definition of “quiet” might actually be the reason that your roommate is loud in the morning and really doesn’t give AF.

9. You’ll learn how passive aggressive you and your friends actually are.

10. And the things that wouldn’t normally annoy you about them now get under your skin.

11. But on your hardest days, you’ll learn that you really can’t live without them.