‘American Horror Story’ 2016 Stream: How To Watch Season 6, Episode 6 Online

We’re going to say it: this may be the best season of American Horror Story yet. It’s weird, it’s creepy, and Lady Gaga is the bizarre, woodsy sex goddess we always knew she was deep down. Sure Kathy Bates may be haunting our dreams for years to come and we may never be able to sleep in a large house alone again, but honestly it’s all worth it. That damn Lost Colony has us hooked and we’re sure to pay attention to history class from now on.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week, from our good friend Wikipedia:

Doris Kearns Goodwin reveals the backstory of one of the owners of the Roanoke House, Edward Philippe Mott, and his subsequent ownership of the property. Mott used the property as a storage house for his art collection and to conduct clandestine homosexual affairs with a member of his staff. During the blood moon, he was sacrificed by Tomasyn and her men. In the present, Tomasyn’s mob surrounds the house ready to kill the Millers. The mob attacks the house and just when all seems lost, Edward Philippe Mott arrives and leads the Millers to safety. However, he abandons the Millers out in the woods leading to them being kidnapped by the Polk family. Meanwhile, Lee is released from prison due to lack of evidence. The Millers attempt to escape, which leads to Mama Polk breaking Shelby’s leg. The Polks return the Millers to Tomasyn as revenge for the loss of their two children. Just as Tomasyn is about to sacrifice the Miller family, Ambrose stops her from completing the ritual and pushes her into the fire in penance for the colonies sins. Then, Lee arrives back to the house and the Millers flee the property in her car.

Here’s the full promo:


Oh yeah… tonight is going to be creepy AF. Make sure you don’t miss it — here’s all of the viewing info you need to know about tonight’s episode.

American Horror Story 2016 Season 6 Episode 6 Viewing Details

Date: October 19, 2016
Time: 10:00 P.M. ET
TV Channel: FX
Season: 6
Episode: 6
Title: “Chapter 6”

How To Watch Episode 5 “Chapter 6” of American Horror Story Online

You can watch Wednesday’s episode “Chapter 6” online on FX if you sign in using your TV provider. If you don’t have a cable TV provider, you might be out of luck… unless you can bum a login from a friend or make it a date night with a guy who also loves AHS.

How To Watch Episode 5 “Chapter 6” of American Horror Story on Mobile

Same deal on mobile. If you’d rather not lug your PC to your favorite couch, download the FXNOW app and sign in using your TV provider. From there you can watch the show on your portable device, but it’s probably best not to watch the show in the dark at home alone.

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