Adrienne Bailon Won’t Let Her Fiancé Watch ‘The Cheetah Girls’

Disney Channel star Adrienne Bailon, now 32, is newly engaged to Israel Houghton, but she won’t let him watch The Cheetah Girls. Why? She’s afraid he won’t think she’s sexy once he sees it.

In a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode of The Real, Bailon admits that she was skeptical that the movie would even be a hit. “Not only did I not think it was going to blow up the way it did, but when I first went to audition for The Cheetah Girls I was like 18 and I was in girl group before that called 3LW.”

Understandably, she was reluctant to take the role because she wanted to be taken seriously as an adult. “So now I’m going into this audition, they want me to play 16,” Bailon adds. “So I was like, ‘I’m just getting grown and sexy. Y’all trying to have me play a Disney character,’ and at this time I was starting to date more. Once I finished the film I never wanted guys to watch it.”

The movie premiered on Disney Channel 13 years ago–and Bailon still refuses to show any of the three installments to her fiancé. “Until this day I don’t want Israel to watch it because as fun and amazing it was, it totally murders my sexy… It’s like really young.”

I guess this is pretty much the same thing as our parents showing our boyfriends embarrassing videos and photos from our awkward phases. But at least we didn’t have millions of people watching! Strut your stuff, Adrienne.

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