Gable Tostee Was Found Not Guilty of Murdering His Tinder Date

Gable Tostee has been found not guilty of the murder or manslaughter of his Tinder date Warriena Wright, who fell 14 stories off his balcony after a date gone wrong in 2014. It took the jury four days to decide his fate.

On August 8, 2014, Tostee was charged with the crimes after the pair matched on Tinder a week prior. Throughout the trial, prosecution alleged that Wright became scared of Tostee after she went home with him to his Queensland, Gold Coast apartment, so much so that she tried to climb off his 14th-floor balcony to get away from him. The main part of the case revolved around 199 minutes of audio recordings taken on Tostee’s phone the night of the incident. Throughout, Wright seems to be choking (or being choked) while Tostee can be heard telling her “You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony you God damn psycho b*tch” and “You’re not going to collect any belongings, you’re just going to walk out. If you try to pull anything I’ll knock you out. I’ll knock you the f*ck out — do you understand?”

However, despite what the audio seemed to infer, Tostee’s defense team argued that he locked her out on the balcony because he was afraid of her. According to their theories, Tostee put her on the balcony as a method of self-defense after they got into a physical altercation. Both had been drinking and began to argue, to the point where Wright allegedly started throwing heavy objects at him in his apartment.

Queensland Supreme Court

Recordings also revealed that Wright pleaded to leave for several minutes while Tostee’s neighbors testified hearing her scream “No, no, no, please let me go home” just seconds before they saw her drop from the balcony. Surveillance footage and phone records also prove that Tostee never called the police when Wright fell. Instead, he left his apartment, ordered and ate a pizza, then called his father asking “Why does this sh*t happen to me?”

When the verdict was announced, Nick Dore, one of Tostee’s defense attorney said that Tostee was “relieved this matter is now behind him and he’s looking forward to moving on with his life.”

Yeah… something tells me that’s not how this is going to end. What do you think about the verdict? Sound off in the comments below.

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