Hillary Clinton Just Made a Muslim Joke About Obama

Hillary Clinton just joked about President Obama being a Muslim at the Al Smith Charity Dinner in Manhattan. The white-tie dinner benefits Roman Catholic Charities and was also attended by Donald Trump.

The dinner is formatted a bit like a roast, allowing prominent people–like politicians–to poke fun at one another. Tension is already brewing between Trump and Clinton–she refused to shake his hand this evening, as she did at the debate last night. The Democratic nominee tried to rouse some laughter by making some pointed jokes.

She said that if Trump wins, it would make for an awkward Presidents’ Day photo at the White House, and “not just with Bill.” She followed that by asking, “How is Barack going to get past the Muslim ban?”

Watching the video clip, there were definitely mixed reactions. People seemed unsure how to react to Clinton’s joke, especially considering how many theories there are regarding President Obama’s religious beliefs. Some people are wondering if they understood her joke correctly; was she making fun of Trump for his Muslim ban proposal? Or was she really joking about Obama being a Muslim? Check out the video and decide for yourself.


h/t Heavy

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