Prepare To Be Amazed By This Woman’s Slew Of Dresses Made Entirely By Balloons

Molly Balloons/Instagram

During the last year of high school, most people discover they’re done playing basketball or something.¬†When Molly Munyan was going into senior year, she realized she had an unrivaled talent that combined fashion and, well, balloon animals.

Molly was voted homecoming queen and accepted her crown wearing a blue two-piece balloon dress.

Now, this sounds like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, but Molly¬†became a professional balloon artist working kid and adult parties in Kansas City so she knows what she’s doing. She even goes by “Molly Balloons” whether or not she’s working.

And she’s making bank with the business. She’s been paid as much as $1,500 to stand around at parties in her creations so people could admire the work. And don’t worry – she carries spares balloons just in case one goes pop for a on-the-spot fix.

Check out some of her most amazing creations below, including her celebration of the Royals winning the World Series that put her on the map last year.

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