The Ultimate Study Abroad Guide to Drunk Food

Studying abroad this semester? Or getting ready to go soon? Then listen up, because we’re experts on the one thing you need to know when you’re in a foreign country: drunchies! These are some of the most popular cities in Europe for studying abroad, and if you’re gone for the semester, chances are you’ll be wandering the continent for weekend trips. Get ready for late nights of partying and afternoons of hungover sightseeing! Here’s what to eat, whether you need a late-night snack or hangover cure.

London: Chips and cheese. 

Hot-from-the-fryer French fries topped with mozzarella and smothered in sauce. Tomorrow’s hangover already hurts a little less.

Paris: Crepes. 

The best way to satisfy your drunk food craving in the city of light is to hit up touristy areas since eateries will be open late. Scoop up a hot, made-to-order crepe filled with Nutella. It’ll be the best three euros you ever spend.

Dublin: Fish and chips. 

Usually served in a greasy brown paper bag, these pieces of fried goodness hit the spot after a pint (or four) of Guinness.

Amsterdam: Belgian fries.

Yep, Belgian fries in Holland… and they might just be the best you’ll ever eat. These fries are poured into oversized paper cones and come with a side of mayo for dipping. When in Amsterdam…

Berlin: Currywurst.

In Berlin, there’s a Currywurst stand everywhere you look. This is a sausage covered in ketchup and curry powder, unique, spicy, and strangely addictive. After drinking your weight in German beer, it’ll taste even better.

Barcelona: Tapas.

After everyone takes an afternoon siesta, bars open back up, serving drinks and small bites. Eat fried potatoes, Iberico ham and tortilla espanola while you’re downing a pitcher of sangria.

Prague: Fried cheese sandwich.

This is like the sandwich version of a mozzarella stick: a fried patty of mozz cheese goes on a toasty bun with all the condiments you can imagine.

Florence: Porchetta sandwich. 

Soak up all that vino with a meaty sandwich the size of your face. Fresh Italian bread and roast pork is the drunk food you didn’t know you needed.