6 Ways To Dress Up As Beyonce This Halloween

We’ve spent our whole lives hoping to one day slay the fashion game on the same level as Beyonce. Unfortunately for us mere mortals (aka broke college students who can’t afford stylists), it’s not always easy to piece together looks as iconic as Queen Bey’s. Luckily, with Halloween coming up, we finally have an excuse to get out of our comfort zones and rock the streets of our cities looking as fly and fabulous as ever.

Check out these six easy (and affordable) ways to recreate some of Bey’s greatest looks:

1. “Single Ladies”

Aside from being the easiest and most affordable look to recreate, it’s also the most iconic. Bey somehow changed the fashion game with only a bodysuit and a metal hand-piece (we’re not even surprised by her influence anymore). Gather some of your friends and tell bae to put a ring on it!

2. “Formation”

3. “7/11”

4. Lemonade

Note: Wearing cornrows if you’re not black is cultural appropriation, so try a sleek half-up-half-down look, a french braid, or boxer braids to recreate the look. 

5. “Flawless”

6. “Countdown”

This vintage ’60s look is super bold and fun. All you’ll need is a striped sun hat and a high-necked bodysuit in any color you want. Make sure to match your eye makeup to whatever color you’re wearing to complete the look!

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