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Jessica Lange Might Be Returning To ‘American Horror Story’ & WE’RE FREAKING OUT

Jessica Lange AHS Season 6

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jessica Lange made American Horror Story. Not only is her acting incredible and she’s still drop dead gorgeous, but her attitude is everything we aspire to be. So when we heard a theory that she might already be on AHS season six, we lost our damn minds.

As fans already know, Lange hasn’t been in the FX hit since she hung out at the freak show singing David Bowie. And while we held our breath waiting for Evan Peters to finally show up, we still can’t help but hope Lange does the same. But according to several fan theories, she already has.

Warning, there’s some MAJOR spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, TURN BACK NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! If only the Lost Colony had done the same.

Now for anyone who’s been keeping up, you know Agnes Mary Winstead, a washed-up actress who’s obsessed with the original the original Roanoke documentary and her mockumentary role as The Butcher. While at the house, the fake Shelby and Mott (Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters) were attacked by The Butcher/Agnes Mary Winstead. However, while viewers saw Bates in all her glory, it was never actually confirmed that Winstead was the one behind it. As Movie Plot explains, “A blurry home movie screenshot definitely confirms that it was the Bates Butcher, but that doesn’t account for the shadowy figure we saw just moments before.” Which could make for a very big spoiler ahead…

Jessica Lange AHS
Sure, this could be wishful thinking, but a girl can dream can’t she?! Movie Plot also points out that Kathy Bates did a subtle shoutout to the actress:

Re-watching the scene, you may realize that Mary Tyrone was a direct link to Lange. The 67-year-old took to the role of Tyrone in A Long Day’s Journey Into the Night at New York’s Roundabout Theatre earlier this year. Skeptics will say that they could just be honoring Lange herself, and the line is a coincidence, but remember that on Horror Story, nothing is a coincidence!

They have a point. Here’s hoping Miss Lange pops up in the next few episodes.

[H/T: Movie Plot]

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